Socially responsible business

Elicio NV is a leading developer, owner and independent producer of electricity from renewable sources. Elicio NV focuses on projects that contribute to a more sustainable world within the framework of corporate social responsibility, while maintaining a long-term vision for its shareholders.

We are committed to integrating safety, health, social and environmental guidelines (HSSE) into all business activities as well as those they develop together with business partners.

Elicio strives to respond to requests for help that can make the environment in which they develop the company healthier and better. In addition to requests for donations, the company strives to improve the environment and development of municipalities where wind farms are located, by informing and educating citizens, as well as raising awareness of the importance of protecting and improving the environment.


The company Elicio has committed to give two percent of its profit from the Alibunar wind farm to the municipality for projects that benefit all citizens. Thanks to the donation of the company Elicio of approximately 2.2 million dinars at the beginning of 2020, Elementary School “Dusan Jerkovic” in Banatski Karlovac now has heating system.

Numerous activities are organized every year for Wind Day. In June 2014, together with other members of the Serbian Association for Wind Energy, Elicio donated money to the Clinical Center of Serbia, for the purchase of the necessary medical device. In 2015, an Agreement on the donation of garbage trucks was signed with the Municipality of Alibunar.

Wind Day 2016 was marked by a prize competition for students from fifth to eighth grade. Valuable prizes in the form of school and sports equipment have been provided for the best art works on the topic: Wind farm in my municipality.

For school celebration Saint Sava, on the initiative of the head of the municipality, in January 2014, together with the companies whose projects are located in Alibunar, the purchase of packages for all school-age children was organized.

Environmental Protection

Elicio has also established a policy of safety and health at work, environmental protection and social policy:

  • Provide and maintain safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working conditions, taking into account social needs and requirements;
  • Implement a risk-based system for health and safety at work, social and environmental management (HSSE), which is in line with international practice and standards;
  • Provide HSSE training to its employees and HSSE leadership to its partners;
  • Talk regularly with your employees and partners regarding HSSE issues;
  • Adopt a preventive approach in their business activities by assessing risks, operating in accordance with the law, using resources wisely and reducing pollution;
  • Set standards to promote and ensure the best HSSE performance of its affiliates, supply chain and project companies;
  • Regularly monitor and report on HSSE management and performance;
  • Evaluate its HSSE policy each year and set management and performance goals.